Baptiste Auguié

PhD in physics
French nationality • NZ residency
Born in 1982
Location Wellington, New Zealand
Mobile +64 (0) 44-635-547
Skype baptiste.auguie

Academic résumé (pdf, 5 pages) Standard CV (pdf, 2 pages)

Work Experience

from 2017
Senior Lecturer
Victoria University of Wellington
New research programme to explore chirality at the nanoscale supported by a Royal Society Rutherford Discovery Fellowship (NZ$800,000, 5-year)
2016 (5 months)
Research Fellow
Engender Technologies, Auckland
Research and teaching Fellow
Victoria University of Wellington
Lectured for the 3rd year physics curriculum (30 students, 1.5 trimesters)
Contributed to a challenging study of absorption in turbid media published in Nature Photonics
Co-wrote open-source programs and user guides for electromagnetic simulations
Research Fellow
Centro Atomico Bariloche, Argentina
Proposed and demonstrated a novel optical sensor, after initiating a new collaboration
Post-doctoral Fellow
Victoria University of Wellington
Developed a new technique enabling Raman spectroscopy of highly fluorescent dyes
Combined SPR and SERS spectroscopy with an original microscopy setup
Post-doctoral Fellow
Universidad de Vigo, Spain
Conducted pioneering research in chiral plasmonics
2009, 2010
Invited visiting research Fellow
CSIC Madrid, Spain
Elucidated incompatible results on supported arrays of metal nanoparticles
PhD in physics
Exeter University, UK
Thesis: Optical properties of gold nanostructures (Advisor: Prof William L. Barnes)
First publication in the prestigious journal Physical Review Letters

Core Competencies

Expert in nano-technology, optics and spectroscopy
Fabrication: e-beam lithography clean-room sample preparation
Characterisation: dark-field SPR microscopy Raman, fluorescence CD spectroscopy
Theory: light scattering, optics, electromagnetism, nano-technology
Broad experience with data analysis, numerical modelling & simulations
Data analysis and simulations using R, MATLAB, and C++
Active github profile since 2008. Over 70 git repositories, including > 15 R packages
R user since 2007; contributions acknowledged in numerous books and over 30 publications (notably for: grid, knitr, ggplot2, Rcpp)
Expert advice and help via mailing lists, > 1000 answers read by 1M users, 30k reputation on Stack Overflow

Acquired Skills

Experienced science communicator
Wrote several grant applications, numerous cover letters and high-impact scientific articles
Strong advocate of dynamic report generation, using modern literate programming tools (markdown, pandoc, LaTeX and R) for a more reproducible and efficient data analysis workflow
Advanced knowledge of R graphics, great attention to detail
My co-authors have trusted me with the figures for over 15 articles
Long-time user of Adobe Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop
For specific visuals I also use 3D ray-tracing (scripted), and custom-made low-level R graphics
Good communicator
Fluent in French (native speaker), English (4 years in England, 3 in New Zealand), and Spanish (1 year in Spain, 2 in Argentina)
Over 20 talks at international conferences and meetings (audiences of 10–100 field experts)
Invited speaker at a 3-day workshop, and 4 other seminars (30–50 students and researchers)
Valued and adaptable team worker
Co-supervised 10 PhD students and visitors, and organised/co-supervised research visits for 4 PhD students (up to 3 months)
Lecturer for 3rd year physics (over 20 lectures, 35 students)
Obtained a £14,820 research fund to foster exchanges between our group, the UK, and Argentina
Organised a one-day national meeting on plasmonics in 2012, and chaired a session at the Mac- Diarmid flagship conference AMN7, host to 500 international participants
Referee for several high-impact journals


Masters in physics
Montréal, Canada | Rennes, France
Exchange programme at the prestigious École Polytechnique, Montréal
Thesis: Ultralow chromatic dispersion measurement of optical fibers with a tunable fiber laser
Engineering degree in physics
National Institute of Applied Sciences, France
Core topics: physics, technology, material science
Baccalauréat scientific, with highest honors
Segré, France

Personal Interests

I am passionately curious about the world’s diversity, and keen to connect with other cultures. I enjoy travelling, foreign literature (Murakami, Cortázar, Salter, Kundera) and cinema (Miyazaki, Iñárritu, Kusturica)
My professional interest in graphics and presentation is intertwined with personal hobbies including typography, calligraphy and photography; I coded and designed my personal website
During most holidays you will find me travelling, taking photos and exploring new areas. The rest of the year I enjoy regular running; in 2013 I completed Wellington’s “Around the bays” half- marathon in under 2 hours


30 peer-reviewed publications, H-index: 17 (Google Scholar)

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