baptiste auguié

I look at the pictures I have done up to now, and they make me feel that who we are and how we feel and what is to become of us just doesn’t matter [...] I cannot accept my conclusions, and so I must continue this photographic investigation further and deeper. This is my project.

Garry Winogrand's application to the Guggenheim Foundation


I started taking photos around 2005, as a means to record and share travel experiences, but it soon became my favourite hobby. I also enjoy the technological aspect; at least that's how I try to rationalise my growing camera collection:




Some equipment that I would like to try:

This webpage

The code for the slideshow and lightbox is adapted from the open-source libraries flickity and photoswipe. Please refer to their respective page for licence information (open-source, free for personal use). The webpage is hosted on github, which I use to share and collaborate on open-source software projects. General info on my work-related activities can be found in my online resume.


Contact me if you wish to use/acquire one of my photos. The material on this website is not to be used in any form without my written agreement.